Ibex Gallagher being pioneers in the field of electrified perimeter fencing system (Power Fence™ is the brand name and trademark of Ibex Gallagher electric fencing systems) in India now focuses in providing effective solutions in farming, wildlife management and securing establishments throughout the country.

Ibex Gallagher is a joint venture partnership company in india with the Gallagher Group Ltd, Newzealand - pioneers and world leaders in Powerfencing technology and Access Control. A strong world-wide network of Gallagher Group subsidiary companies and locally owned Distributors and Dealers throughout world help ensure that each installation meets its local customer needs and requirements.

3-card-entry-systemAccess Control Integration Platform

Cardax FT is a comprehensive, scalable Microsoft® Windows® based platform for integrated security. Manage and monitor access control, intruder alarms, perimeter security and third party systems through a single management system, Cardax FT.


power-fencingPerimeter Security Systems

PowerFence™ perimeter security electric fence systems are safe, effective and reliable.
> Deter anyone from attempting to break in or out
> Detect attempts to breach the perimeter



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